2024 Create!Summit on Arts, Creativity, Technology and Spirituality

October 22, 2022

First Virtual Summit on the
Future of Human Arts & Creativity

Converging creativity, arts and technology

Transforming lives through arts
About the Summit

Creatives and artists have been in the forefront seats of human history, documenting our life and driving forward-looking ideas and innovative thinking. The ability to create and innovate is what differentiates humans from the animal world.

In our Arts & Creativity Summit, we will explore different aspects of creativity and innovation and how arts and artistic activities can help us drive innovation - in life, business, academia - and help us become more creative, both at work and at home and build a more mindful, artistic and creative society.

We meet outstanding executives, artists, creatives, innovators, scholars to discuss relevant topics and co-design the future of arts.
We spend quality time talking about arts, creativity and innovation -
across six time zones
We are happy to see an international artistically savvy crowd from different corners
of our planet.
Meet the Speakers
You have an opportunity to meet great speakers and personalities: artists, creatives, innovators, business executives, scholars and creative managers.

We are providing a platform for outstanding minds and hearts of contemporary arts and creativity.
Here we will be presenting all our hero and featured speakers - #StayTuned
  • Ge Wang
    Associate Professor at Stanford University,
    Co-Founder of Smule
    Author of "Artful Design"
  • Maria Pokrovskaya
    Co-Founder at Artclever.en,
    Art Educator, Entrepreneur
  • Ludwig Wright
    Musician, GEMA Europe Representative
  • Jasmin Solfaghari
    Opera Director, Writer, Coach
  • Ngako Keuni
    Musical Actor, Dancer
  • Francesco Attolini
    Art Director, Artist, Curator, Entrepreneur
  • Fatemeh Monfared
    Metaverse Architect, NFT Artist
    CEO at Spaces DAO
  • Arnaldo Arancibia, PhD
    Scholar, Entrepreneur,
    Head of Engineering
  • Alisa Poplavskaya
    Art Therapist,
    Resilience Coach,
    Founder at Mandala Compass - Healing Arts School
  • Adriatica Lunatica
    Artist, Dancer, Entrepreneur
  • Nima Yazdani 
    Founder at Siddha One
    Videomaker, Artist
  • Sky Bergman
    Director of Lives Well Lived,
    Professor Emeritus of Photography and Video
    at Cal Poly State University
  • Fabio Pirola
    New Conductor
  • Dr. R. Lakshmi Priya
    Founder & CEO Pachyderm Tales
  • Douglas Yeager
    Producer of Free to Rock, 
    CEO at Yeager Productions
  • Tatiana Zalan, MBA, PhD
    Associate Professor at
    American University in Dubai,
    Startup Advisor 
  • Hanis Harmiles
    NFT Queen Asia, 
    Web3.0 Strategist,
    Startup Advisor
  • Richard Zalan
    Co-Founder at Vernissage -
    Digital Art Gallery, 
    Startup Advisor
Summit Hosts
  • Metaverse Business Developer
    at Exclusible, Architect
    Founder at Plei
    Amine Khalladi
  • Cultural Diplomacy Officer, 
    Founder at United Voices 4 Peace 
    Veronica Sabbag
  • Author, Artist,
    Founder at Artists&Angels
    Lara Kempbell
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The themes of our virtual Create!Summit are mere sparkles in our vast Universe to get you inspired.
Here are some of them we want to touch upon:
  • #ArtTech - what is it?
    A review of wide panoply of "marriages" between art + tech
  • Life Hacks - Become more creative
    Already a creative type? - Learn how to get organized
  • EdTech and Arts
    Arts education in schools and its application in life
  • Healing Power of Arts
    Can arts really heal us?
  • Creativity and Innovation for Businesses
    How to foster creative thinking in tech and drive business through arts
  • Creative Communities
    Learn how to build new or improve existing creative community that heal the world
  • Artrepreneurship: Successful Artistry in the New Age
    How to succeed as an Artist
  • New Age Digital Art - NFT, crypto-art... What's with the rights?
    Who really owns my art in the Digital World? How is it changing?
  • #Metaverse and Arts
    Pretty much anything from designing your own avatar to creating your own virtual reality 
  • Neuroscience and Arts
    How arts can help stimulate your brain and foster creative thinking and creativity  
Create!Summit Program
October 22, 2022
7:30AM - 2PM PT (Los Angeles/ San Francisco)
7:30 AM
Opening & Creativity Meditation
8:00 AM 
Healing Power of Art - How Arts Help Heal Us, our Business, and our Community. ArtTalks.
9:00 AM 
Workshop. Neurographica Art. Awaken Your Creativity.
10:00 AM
Arts, Artists and Art Forms Driving Creative Thinking, Human Innovation and Change.
11:00 AM 
Artful Design: Technology in Search of the Sublime
Hero Keynote by Ge Wang, Associate Professor at Stanford University 
12:00 PM
What's ArtTech? Arts and the New Age Tech: EdTech, AI, NFTs, Web3.0, DeFi, #Metaverse and more. 
1:30 PM
#AngelTalks with an Artist
2:00 PM
Closing & Networking
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Create!Summit - 2023
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